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First time at hershey buying question :)


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Hi all, My son and I are going to the Hershey meet on Wednesday the first day. We will be there to buy from the swap meet and possibly buy a car from the corral. My question is are all the vendors ready to go on the first day? We want to see as much as we can and have a good selection to choose from.. also is the car corral on the first day any good?? My son is the one looking for a car and he is worried that the selection the first day will be slim? We cannot get there any other day expect Wednesday so I am hoping Hershey will be in full swing for the both of us. Thanks, Rick

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Guest SalG (Sal Grenci)

Hershey will be up and running Wednesday and your selection will be great in the flea market and car corral. I would say 85%. Many people start to set up when the Region lets you in at noon on Tuesday. Saturday is probably the worst day, most people who vend start to pack up, and if it has rain you will see many gone before Saturday.

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