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1928 standard - window shades

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When I bought my 1928 Standard I found a set of window shades on the back floorboard.  They were completely deteriorated from age.  I ordered a new set from Lebaron Bonny and in due time they arrived.  Recently I went to install them.  I found each one contained two things resembling black boot laces rolled in with the shade and two large tacks about 1/2 long .  It appears they may be some kind of guides but I cannot figure out what to do with them.  I called Lebaron Bonny for assistance and was told " we just sell them, we don"t make them"   I examined the both the new and old shades and they all have a small screw eye in each end of the bottom wood dowel.  I assume the boot lace things get tied to them but then what?  Do they get attached to the roller or bracket some how?   Does any one know what I am talking about and what I am supposed to do with these "boot laces" and tacks?  Any assistance appreciated.

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Hi Michael. I just thought of something that might interest you. Closed 1928 Buicks had a couple small decals relating to the windshield ventilation capability. Bob's has repro's of these decals in stock from time to time. Here they are written about from an old S.I.A. about  '28 Buicks. I have a 1927 Cadillac sedan, very similar to your '28, which still has the original decals (!!). I looked through my pictures, and found 2 pictures which barely show each. In the extreme corners, with the edge of the shadows cutting them in half to locate them for you. I am sure you will need to click into high resolution and zoom in to see them. You might even be able to read the poor copy, the only one I have, of the S.I.A. article. AACA library might be able to help.   -  Carl 







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