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Rubber parts, Olympic

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In the midst of a cosmetic resto. of my Olympic coupe. I’ve had a new chrome windshield frame made, but now need the rubber seal.  Metro Mouldings has rubber listed for the Olympic, but they say its for a swing out windshield which, of course, this isn’t. Does anyone have a source for correct windshield rubber?

Also looking for rubber pads for the tail light. Metro has some that look right. Shaped a bit like a kite, with a center hole and three mounting holes.

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An outfit in Pennsylvania, N-C Industries. Talk to a guy named Kevin Brown. (570) 888-6216.

it took about eight months to get it, but it looks perfect and the chrome is excellent. This was Jeff Hasslen’s suggestion, another good one.


I think the rubber for the Olympic is going to be substantially different from the standard Franklin. I did try Steeleand they couldn’t come up with anything. 

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