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Hup 20 Magneto

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Like all things to do with our cars people with the skill to fix the magneto are becoming a rare breed-However they are out there. 

If needed we can use my guy  but being based  12000 miles away makes this uneconomic for you. People who restore antique stationery engines or early aircraft normally have contacts who can do it for you . They aren't that difficult but a lot easier to work on with the correct tools . Fortunately the DU4 is pretty common  ( if not  in our anticlockwise rotation)  so info is out there if you want to have a go-Karl

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Its  a DU4  CCW (counter clockwise rotation -ie the rarer one) 

Originally had  fixed ignition -I have  variable advance and retard on mine but tend to leave it  alone as the gains from fiddling with it  are minimal in my experience 


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