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upper steering bushing


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I assume you mean the bushing that is right under the steering wheel.   It being a coupe complicates things a little, because you have to remove the horn rod before you can remove the steering wheel to get to the bushing, and the horn rod is like 4+feet long.  Not enough space in the coupe body to withdraw the horn rod from the steering column with the column in place.  So you have to remove the steering column from the car.   That means taking out the floorboards, disconnecting the spark and throttle links from the levers on the column, and removing the pitman arm from the steering sector shaft.  I think you'll need to remove the starter to get enough clearance.  Remove the headlight switch body from the end of the column. Unbolt the steering box from the frame and remove the clamp on the column under the gas tank.  Then you'll have to maneuver the column around the brake and clutch pedals while aiming the steering wheel out the drivers door.    You have to remove the little retaining clip at the end of the horn rod that holds the spider in place.  The spider is spring loaded, and removing that clip is always fun!  After that you can withdraw the horn rod, which gives you access to the nut that holds the wheel to the shaft.  You're likely going to need a puller to remove the wheel from the shaft after removing the nut.  Then you have to remove the spark and throttle rods, which is again so much fun to do.  You have to remove the levers down at the ends of the shafts.  They're held on by tiny pins.  Drive the pins out, and you can remove the levers and springs.  You can now withdraw the rods from the column.   Then I think that there's one or two slotted screws on the side of the column housing that holds the bushing in place. Simple!

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