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mdoyne1 back at it on e-bay


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Our old friend, mdoyne1, is back at it, with a '90 convertible on e-Bay. Listing will be over in a couple hours, but it was hilarious reading his 20 negative feedbacks. He's the one who advertises as a "retired new car dealer whose hobby is finding exceptional cars." As I recall, the Allante people almost went to Florida to lynch him. Anyway, if you want some giggles, look him up on e-Bay and check the feedback, and especially his responses to the negatives. I also believe he got on this Forum last year and blasted away at his critics.

Car hasn't made $13K+ reserve, so I'm sure you'll be seeing it relisted.


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great information, the real ?????is, why would any body buy anything

from a person like him. where i come from you can still do business

with a hand shake, people like him ruin everything for honest people around the

country and it no wonder that nobody has any trust in mankind any more

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