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Olds Gasoline Engine Works 1899 Catalog

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I'm going to make this rare piece of Olds history available for sale, but I want to see what the level of interest is here first. If interest is high enough, I will post for sale here, accepting offers, and pledging a percentage of the final sale price to the AACA.


I posted some of this information originally in the Olds section five years ago, and have updated it as research continued:

"1899 Olds Gasoline Engine Works trade catalog, featuring the Olds "horseless carriage" (pre curved dash) alongside their line of stationary gas engines. Measures 6" x 9", 40 pp. illustrated, printed on paper and staple-bound.


The back of the book features quotes from satisfied customers, dating from 1898 through March 13, 1899. This would presume that the catalog was produced in late March or early April of 1899. With the merger of the Olds Gasoline Engine Works and the Olds Motor Vehicle Company on May 8, 1899, this catalog would have been only lightly distributed, and almost instantly obsolete. Dealers who received it would have been instructed to dispose of it, and as of this writing (March 2018) no other copies are known to exist.


UPDATE 12/9/2018 - I have found possible references to archived (boxed in stacks storage) copies of this catalog at Yale Libraries and the Smithsonian collections. Otherwise, no recorded sales, offerings or references have been found since searches began in 2013."


You can view scans of the entire catalog at https://goo.gl/photos/mnx6XwJSXXf7eNQp8  High resolution scans are also available... not sure what to ask for those.


I have held off on putting this catalog up for sale, and planned to hold onto it for a few more years (or longer), but my wife's health issues, and our 1700's farmhouse's health issues together have changed the agenda. Thanks for looking and I'm looking forward to your feedback.






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13 minutes ago, D Yaros said:

Pray tell what is the difference between a "gas" and "gasoline" engine, I wonder?

Olds was looking at all forms of propulsion for his early automobile.  Gas might have been a reference to a steam powered car that used a natural gas burner to make steam? 

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So after some discussion with a couple folks I'm curious - do people here think this catalog is more of a stationary engine collectible or an automobile collectible? I heard good arguments for both sides, but my take is that this is one of the earliest catalogs featuring an Olds "horseless carriage", whereas there are multiple examples of catalogs and pamphlets devoted exclusively to Olds stationary engines.



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