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First Gen Riv Bumpers

Don McClair

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I am trying to remember if the first gen Riv's have the same front bumper?  I am thinking the 65 might have a little more cut out in front of the headlights for the clam shells to work.  The reason for this is a good friend is thinking of having the 65 Bumpers (Front and Rear) reproduced and if they would fit the 63 and 64 would be a plus.  These would be a high quality reproduction and cost about the same as having originals straightened and chrome plated.  Since it is still in the planning stages it might take a while to get them but all feedback would be appreciated.

Merry Christmas to everyone!




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  As Tom has stated the upper and LOWER `65 is a one year only animal. The `63-`64 bumpers are the same. Also, there are plenty of cores available.

  If your friend or anyone else needs a `63 thru `65 bumper send me a PM. I have many bumpers in varying condition.


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OK Riviera People: I happen to be an expert on First-Gen front bumpers.  Yes, 63 and 64 Front Bars and lower vanances  are identical,  65 are different.  You can tell the 65  bar from the slight dip on top to clear the headlights. The valances on the 63 and 64 have a PAIR of holes on the side flange. Only one on the 65 and it is totally a different fit.  All the guards are the same, they're marked R and L. 


All this is common knowledge. A secret? Make sure the bumper fits perfectly before going off half cocked to the plater. Many have been poorly repaired and replated and don't fit very well. Many get replated and the bends are off.  Been there, done that.


Next. It's a 2 man job installing them. When you're ready....first have the nuts and bolts slick as a whistle so you can move them with your fingers  in the alignment process.


Next. have a pal who REALLY understands how the bumper is supposed to line up.  I have seen guys put tons of dough in First-Gens and the chrome doesn't line up and it looks terrible.



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