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Almost got the engine out today, almost.......


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On my 2nd weekend, thought I might get the old V-12 out of my 42 Cont today. Well maybe tomorrow (after I go & buy more tools!)

Ran into difficulty with the front motor mounts, removed the one 5/8" nut on both sides thought that was it. I see there's another 5/8" bolt facing down that would need to come out, or the large 7/8" nut under the cross member which I assume would allow the whole motor mount lift up with the engine??

I just didn't have a 7/8" deep socket to get between the cross member & the spring, kind of a PITA. Thought maybe a long 3/8"  extension with a universal joint I maybe able to get at the inner 5/8" bolt from underneath

Anyway was wondering what you guys have done in the past, what do you recommend, remove the large nut from the stud on bottom of the mount.  Thanks for any help!!

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In the past, each V12 I pulled out ; I learned something new each time. What ever it takes, remove the engine mounts  first;

don't leave attached to engine.  Remove the radiator, the slightest touch will damage the core fins. If the firewall  has good paint

lay an old blanket to protect that. I have always disconnected the transmision from the engine and let it lay in the car until after

the engine is out.then remove from car. You will probably have to jack the trans. up a little to place blocks under. If using a" cherry picker" , try to make room to move the car when the engine is clear ,instead of trying to move that 3 wheel crane with a V12 swinging in the air! Still a fun job , I have done these pulls by myself, took my time. The last time I pulled the engine from my '38, I jacked the 

car up and dragged the engine out from the bottom, that's another story!    Have fun!!!

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Well thank you guys for your help! I ended up removing the 15/16" nuts on the motor mounts & did lift them out with the engine. I had removed the hood so had lots of overhead room. Not sure about reinstalling the engine  but that's several months down the road. Now on to cleaning & painting the engine compartment. I've decided to replace all the wiring from the dash forward (going with Rhode Island Wiring). Will replace all the rear wiring at a later date.

I've had this car since 90 & have enjoyed it a lot (however it has sat a lot which has been hard on the engine etc) hopefully this complete engine rebuild will go satisfactory. I'm looking forward to driving the car again!

This is the 1st time I've pulled this engine & am learning a lot! thanks for everybody's help.


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