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Mark Gregory

Woman reunited with Land Rover she built 70 years ago .

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Here is good story about the woman who must of really liked her job . When she was young and cared for the product .


  • Dorothy Peters worked at the Land Rover factory in post war Britain 
  • She posed for a photograph with Land Rover number 16 in 1948
  • Dorothy treasured the photo and took it to a Land Rover event this year
  • She showed it to Land Rover engineer Mike Bishop - who said he owned that car
  • He arranged for Dorothy and the Land Rover - HNX 331 - to be reunited
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This story perfectly points out that to our generations transportation was not just a means to get from here to there.  The love affair (sometimes hate) we all had with our cars and with the industry is something todays fans might not fully understand.  While the country has changed rapidly in technology and communications, gone are the days of trying to peek into a dealership to see the new models.   Gone are the days that you could easily recognize every car on the road.  For some the days of getting hands dirty, rebuilding, machining, etc. are fading.  Somehow electronics don't give me the same excitement.


What a great story, reality at its best!  Not a made up TV show but real world reality. 

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