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Mounting an ingition coil -- orientation?


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I'm going to replace the ignition coil on my 32 Packard. I just bought a new 6v coil.

The coil on the car now is not necessarily mounted where it would have been originally.  It's inside the passenger compartment, on the dashboard, mounted horizontally. 


What I'm wondering is, is the orientation of the coil important?

This coil has presumably oil onside because when I shake it I can hear a liquid sloshing around.

That being said, can it be mounted horizontally or even upside down?  Or must it be mounted upright?


Thanks -- Luke

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Some, though not all, of the old coils were designed to run horizontally or inverted.  New coils, not so much.  If the windings are not fully immersed in oil, they may arc and destroy the coil.  Old NOS coils are also in danger of insulation failure, even if they were designed to run horizontally or inverted.  With a new coil, it's probably better to run it with the high voltage output facing up.  Will it work in a different orientation?  The only way to find out is try it and see.  Carry a spare coil in case it doesn't work out.


I went through a couple of expensive NOS inverted coils in my 1948 Studebaker truck before giving up and mounting a new coil right side up.  It's been fine now for a number of years.

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