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Becoming a judge


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I have considered being a judge but don't have the slightest clue how to begin. Hoping to garner some veteran insight from the experienced folks here. I am a Hershey native and resident and area of expertise is muscle cars, Mustangs in particular having owned and restored 3, 1 in progress. It seems that the judging profession could use some new blood!

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Unregistered Anonymous,

First of all, REGISTER on this forum with a consistant user name that we will recognize. If you are serious about AACA judging, you will meet some of us "regulars" and it will be a sort of ice breaker. If you can't be inniated at Hershey, there is always the Annual Meeting in Philly next February.

Last year, I attended my first Annual Meeting (and first judges school) and both were informative and enjoyable. I urge you to attend and then keep your eyes open for meets in your area next year to continue your education.

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You are correct the judging system is always interested in getting new

people involved. Here is the order of things that you will want to do.

First off you need to be an AACA member, so if you are not as yet you

will need to join. Next is to attend a National Judging School. Hershey

does not have one unfortunately. Your next opportunity will be at the

Annual Meeting in February in Philadelphia. Given your locale that school

makes the most sense for you. After completing the school (approx 2 hours)

will register to judge at the next national meet you attend. You will be

placed on the Apprentice Team. This team is captained by the Chairman and

Assistant Chairman of National Judges Training. Thats all there is too it!

Its fun, challenging and very educational. Welcome we will be glad to have you

as part of the AACA judging system. cool.gif

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In the mean time you might read up on AACA judging in that section of this website:


It is broken down into the following sections which will be covered in the judging schools.

SECTION I - Introduction

SECTION II - Judging Personnel & Responsibilities

SECTION III - Vehicle Classification

SECTION IV - Competition and Exhibition Categories

SECTION V - Annual Grand National Meet

SECTION VI - National Judging Schools

SECTION VII - Meet Documents

SECTION VIII - Specific Guidelines

The "Judging Personnel & Responsibilities" might be an especially good one to read as it will tell you what is expected and what positions you can hold as a judge.

Hope it helps.

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As an older judge who has always judged the older cars, I was really out of my element when I was assigned to a muscle car class at a Meet this year. Some of us would REALLY appreciate some muscle car judges joining the ranks of AACA judges. You are right, we need new and younger blood. Come on in smile.gif

OJ [not Simpson]

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I have some disagreement with 1937 - As a fairly senior (high # credits) I generally get the class I want because not too many others ask for Class 5. However I have never let an assignment to other classes spoil a meet for me. It gives me an opportunity to learn new things from the other judges on the team. It happened this weekend at the AGNM and I did learn a lot!

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