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chris earl uk

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Hi all,


I have recently purchased a fantastic English bodied 1937 redfern buick coachbuilt by the maltby works sandgate Kent on a 37 right hand drive mclaughlin series 40 CHASSIS. I have had many early buicks over the years and I am definitely hooked on them.(even if it it a bit tough sometimes keeping them on the road here in the u.k) The car is pretty well known as had been previously owned by Stewart who was a member of the forum. And I was lucky enough to purchase the car a few months ago.


I'm currently going over the car to insure she is as good as I can get her. Equipped with her original functioning full power hood (electric driven hydraulic) she is a very impressive motor and by far the nicest buick I have owned. The headlights and spotlights are original and were fitted to suit uk taste at the time.


IF there is anyone who knows about a similar sister car built 1937 sold a good few years ago at auction (was black) it would be great to contact the owner. Any info on buick maltby cars would be appreciated.


My car was the 37 Paris motor show car and has had an interesting life.




Chris (staffordshire England) 





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Great looking car. 😊


There have been other mid-late 1930's Buick with coachbuilt bodies here on aaca.org, but most(all?) have been 2 door drop heads (Maltby, Cartlon, Lancefeild).

And some from Eu (Van den Plas & others)









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Hi Chris its been 2 years are you still the custodian of this lovely vehicle?

I have a Maltby Redfern Tourer 17hp Armstrong Siddeley. Its very early 1936 and the patent was put on by Maltby for the hydraulic hood in 1936. So unsurprisingly mine is hand pump,as Francis Redfern was at the developemental stage with the electric version.

Mine is off the road for a simple restoration. I would like to get in contact if you have been passed any information about Maltby which may not be common knowledge.

Very little is really known about them ,i have researched a little and built upon some work done by a man named Munro Donald who wrote an article for The Automobile (UK) magazine.

Unfortunately a lot of the history of my car has been lost .I have traced the ownership back to 1968 with photographs. Prior to that nothing apart from its brief appearance in a movie for four minutes.It was driven by Nigel Patrick in a 1957 film made with Jeffery Hunter called "Count Five and Die"

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Hi , yes I still look after the Buick,I hope for many years to come . I do have a lot of info passed on from previous owner who researched Maltbys a great deal . he lived near where there showroom was, im sure he would also be happy to chat about Maltbys ,the previous owner to him met with an employee who worked there and I have the detail of this and other info I'm happy to share , private message me and I'll pass  my contact number for a chat. Thanks.

Be nice to see your car I've not seen any other maltbys in the flesh.

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