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Spray 9 as alloy wheel cleaner


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You likely already knew this but I was amazed how effective Spray Nine cleaned years of brake dust and road grime from the inside of the wheels my wife's '87 Alfa Romeo spider.  I have a local shop which uses chemical tanks to clean parts and racks for manufacturing plants but they will also clean antique auto parts of paint and rust.  When I pick the job up the parts are coated in a dense, water based oil to stop immediate re rusting.  Spray Nine is the recommended cleaner to strip this coating.  I like lacquer thinner for cleaning but didn't like what it would do to the tires, I had cans of Brake Clean but fairly expensive to cover four wheels so I reached for the Spray Nine.  Excellent, the grime ran off in rivulets and even shined up the tires.


See the before and after photo, I cleaned all 4 wheels in less than an hour.


Happy wife happy life, Gary



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