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Cole Motor Car Meetup 2019 at the Gilmore Car Museum

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In conjunction with the Gilmore Car Museum Pre 1942 car show and tour, we will be having a meetup of Cole Motor Company Cars for the 110th anniversary of the company.  The dates are May 17th and 18th.  More details can be found at  


The Gilmore has the largest Cole Motor Company archive in their research library and the CCCA museum on the Gilmore campus has the collection from Helen Cole, granddaughter of JJ Cole.  Besides the meetup of the cars and owners, we will be having a talk on the history of Cole, Cole artifacts,  and some presentations on the cars.  We have a good core of Cole cars slated to attend, however we are looking for more owners willing to bring out their cars so we can get together and keep the spirit of these fine automobiles going.  If you know anyone that would be interested, please pass along this information.





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I just wanted to give an update to this event.  The response has been great and we have a good amount of Cole cars confirmed and another list of hoping to attend!  We also have the just found 1909 Cole High Wheeler that was not known to exist.  It will be unveiled at the event.  We will have the first model of Cole car at the event from 1909 and then we will have the last model of Cole car at the event from 1925 with many in between.  


The updated information on the event, the agenda, and more details is located here:


For those wanting to check out the Coles in one place or if you have a pre 1942 car and want to join the tour or the show, you can go to the Gilmore's site at


The show is not just a static show as you can drive your car around the wonderful Gilmore Campus throughout the show and then they have demonstrations, a 1 and 2 cylinder car race, car games, and other fun events throughout the day.  

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