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christmas cards


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Here are a few we have done over the years.

2007 with the 1948 Studebaker M5 truck:



2009 with the 1965 Studebaker Wagonaire:



2011 with the chassis and parts of the 1932 Studebaker Indy car replica:



2018 with the M5 again at a local farm stand:



Seasons greetings to all!


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We used to get our Christmas tree a couple of miles up the road,  but since we moved to a house with a Cathedral Ceiling the wife likes a 9 foot plus tree so we have to go alot further to get one, so I probably won't be using any of the old cars to go get one.  That and the fact we often have snow in November  along with road salt. 

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I'll share this non-automotive image.  A holiday greeting photo of our new (to us) house in Santa Fe with the farolitos lit and glowing on the wall. Farolitos are a traditional holiday decoration around here. Originally, they were brown paper bags filled partially with sand and lit with a votive candle, and only lit on Christmas eve. Now days, they are plastic and lit with an electric bulb and are turned on throughout the holidays. Old or new they still make a nice soft glowing light.995234700_2018Card.thumb.JPG.3c50c7287b0dc75f2d2d6bdd4353babe.JPG

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Hello everyone. My name is Alina. I am from Ukraine collecting nice postcards. So why am I here? I am looking for a person here to help me. The point is I want to start to collect american vintage postcards, christmas, easter, thanksgiving day (1900). It is not easy to get them from Ukraine, so I would like to ask. Maybe one of you have useless such cards, can you sell to me with right prices or we can change our postcards using mail. I have a lot of beautiful soviet cards, russian, ukrainian, really good with great paintings like Zarubin, Gundobin and ets. As a rule at ebay they cost too expensive. I will share with pleasure. It could be a good experience for both of us. If there is a person interesting in such collaboration we can change pics on Viber. Please help me. I think we need to consider all the options.



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