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for sale ----Am/Fm 8 trx Stero Complete all wiring


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i have found a Complete am/Fm 8trx Stero Complete Wiring an All 3 units every thing works the 3 units are the (radio) the (8trx) an the (stero unit) , its still in the car 68/69. full size Buick i put a batt in the car an fired the radio an 8 trax upi have a load of 8 trax cartages, every thing worked great , if any one is interested (offer a Fair price) , as i have to remove it from the car an ship i know these things are HEAVY as a complete unit ,have seen them go for several hundered $$$$$S on e-bay so lets be honest on the offer , Thanx TEC (nevada) 89433 tongue.gif ps the weight is approx 25lbs info/from a Friend. so figure the shippin to be at that weight give or take 3 lbs for box an packagin, wink.gif ok here are the GM Part numbers Radio stereo 7302544/ with the stereo extra unit/ 8trx Numbers 7304884, all like new condition , Photos aaviable mid week depend on wallyworld , Thanx laugh.gif

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