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Dear "Franklinists",


here in Germany I´m living in a kind of "Franklin-Diaspora", however, I stumbled across parts of a Franklin (which type...?) which I bought as I have always been fascinated by the design of Franklin cars.

I do not believe to be able to rebuild it as a Franklin, as I have no clue where to get the whole mechanic and axles. Nevertheless, I would be able to build a wooden boat tail body to which the Franklin front could be adjusted. But: I can´t get any informations about length and width of the frame. If I had these measurements, I could go for the hunt of a rolling chassis from another car make and bring it together with my Franklin parts. Alternatively, if someone knows a rolling chassis in need of restoration and available in Germany....

Can anyone provide these informations?


What would you recommend: Using the parts to create a well looking "special", or to invest in rebuilding a Franklin?


Yours, Volker



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Well, it's going to be a task either way. We own a '29 Franklin that was stripped mostly for body and interior parts. What was left was a perfectly good frame, engine and running gear. A previous owner then fashioned a body from spare aluminum sheet stock. He decided to go with something that had a classic roadster look.1968033255_2018-06-2319_12_50.thumb.jpg.c1a535a176cd3727145b33044cd1e7c2.jpg

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If you join the Franklin Club you can get access to the drawings and parts catalog that will certainly help you. The pictures indicate is is probably a 10B or 10C. Looking at the the drawings and parts may help you make a decision which will be best for you


Art Lee

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