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WTB 50-53 263 head bolts

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I bought a 1953 263 straight 8 to put in my 1938 Buick Special  coupe, upon disassembly we found One broken head bolt then we broke One and now I think I lost One, so I need 3 head bolts and I believe that 50-53 are the same. So here is my delima I am WTB Three of these if anyone has them they can part with, the engine is ready to be dropped off with the engine rebuilder but I need these head bolts first. Please someone help.

Mike in Nor Cal

Buick Afterbay.jpg

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In 1970 I removed and saved the head bolts from a 1950 Buick. The bolts are mixed in with others. Attached is photo that may be the bolt. Please confirm or provide dimensions and I should be able to locate them. There are 6 lines on top of the head.


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If you are having the engine rebuilt, I would think that you would want to go back in with NEW head bolts.  The threads on the original (old) bolts have been pulled and/or stressed to a certain degree and thus weakened a bit.  Just my humble opinion here.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas



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