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1940 differential tool J 1365 needed

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My differential repairs require that I set my side bearings using a special tool.  The shop manual specifies tool J 1365 but does not show a picture of it.  The side bearing has an adjuster "nut" that has holes around the circumference.  Sources say that using a punch to position that nut will cause distortion and damage.  I imaging the tool has two stubs that are mounted perpendicular somehow to a long handle.  The stubs fit into the adjuster nut holes and the handle allows turning the nut for adjustment.  I also suspect the tool is made with clearances inside the carrier that may be specific to this differential.  I see other tools on JEGS and East Coast Gear Supply that indicate the tool is used for specific rear axles. 


Is anyone familiar with this tool, have a source for one or know if a general tool will work?

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Thanks Don, $65 for a tool that I will use once or twice; I've done that in the past.  I'll add that tool to my collection of other single use tools that I had to buy to rebuild the automatic transmission (on a different car).  Then after I'm buried and the will is read, I'll have the last laugh as the kids try to think of what use the tool could have for them.


Adjusting the bearings and backlash seems like a logical procedure that I should have no trouble accomplishing.  I'm going to leave the pinion alone as that will require even more tools and thrust washers that I can't find.  The gear teeth have no discernible wear pattern so I think I'll be fine with the adjustment I am planning.  


I do not intend to replace the inner axle shaft bearings, but think I should replace the outer axle shaft bearings and of course the seal.  From your experience would this be a reasonable course of action?

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Carefully check the condition of the outer axle bearings and their races.

My experiences with that era are with '38's and mine, the bearing runs directly on the axle. If they are Ok then no problem.

As you say, replace the seals.

Seting the carrier bearings, getting the right preload and tooth pattern correct can be a touch frustrating.


Glad you find the tool OK. Mine was my dads.

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When I needed a side bearing adjustment tool I made one out of material laying around. Not high tech but I used it and loaned to another Buick enthusiast.  I'll most likely never use it again and I would gladly loan it out you pay the postage. Bob H

Diff Side Brg Adj (Medium).JPG

Diff Side Brg Adj 3 (Medium).JPG

Diff Side Brg Adj 2 (Medium).JPG

Diff Side Brg Adj 4 (Medium).JPG

Diff Side Brg Adj 5 (Medium).JPG

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