1989 Buick Reatta Lou KY - No longer available

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I have a 1989 Buick Reatta that I am getting rid of.  It has not run for years, but I'm sure it has some parts on it that someone could use.  I'd much rather someone find it useful than donate it for scrap.  I'll post a picture shortly. I'm in Louisville KY. $500 OBO. Anyone interested?  





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Sorry, pretty sure it won't be me. I just made a 9 hour round trip to get one. It was an '89 Red/Tan that had "old" [not current] pictures. I thought I was getting a pretty nice one for the cost of sub frame bushings, but when I got to see the car the body and interior was worse then advertised. Still a nice car for $500.00 plus $200.00 in traveling expenses. 

 Which takes me out of the Reatta buying business. [I now have 4 of them].

 But the rules say you have to post a price, so please do that. We would like to see pictures if you can.

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If you think it's a "parts" car how about interior pictures? Most Reatta owners don't need more exterior body parts they are after the interior parts. Mostly Driver's door and seat. Also if the Instrument cluster, CRT, and shifter panel lights up.

 Also if yiou have keys and a clear title in your name. The one I just bought has a clear title, but not in the name of the guy I bought it from. I believe they call that "title skipping". No big deal if one plan's on junking the car, but more important if one plans on keeping it.


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