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AAA Hower Trophy for Glidden cars

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I am not sure if this is the right area to start this thread but do not see a better one.  I am doing some research on the original Glidden tours held from 1096-1913.  I have learned there was another trophy awarded from at least 1907 to 1912 that was called the Hower trophy.  Frank Hower was the AAA vice president of competition in the era and started the trophy as a prize for runabouts in the Glidden.  He thought the small cars were not getting enough attention with the bigger factory supported cars always winning the Glidden Trophy so he came up with this new prize.


It was given away each year as a permanent trophy meaning the winner got to keep it and a new one was made for the following year.  In 1907 it was a shield shaped plaque, in 1908 it went back to a 'loving cup' with three handles on a base.  That one went home to a car dealership on Broadway in NYC to my understanding.


Does anyone know the location or history of any version of this trophy ?  I know some people collect trophies or have a few on display in their car barn and would like to know any information that might be out there on their history.


Thank you for any help,




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Bob- I have not gotten that far in the search yet.  Would be interesting to know what qualified as a runabout, what makes of runabouts were entered and who won.  This is rarely discussed it seems.  Thank you responding.


Paul- In the original series it was a true competition to prove what brand was most reliable and to prove the overall reliability of this new mode of transportation.  The companies backed teams in their cars and used the results for promotion and sales.  In the Revival Gliddens it is not as competitive and more social touring.  I do not know where or when the current criteria for the Glidden trophy was established.  I know you have done a lot of touring and now it is not about finishing the day first but finishing the day which is in the original spirit of proving reliability.  It's just more friendly now thats all, not really trying to prove anything.  Thank you too for the response.


Still interested in any leads or info on this award,


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