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I got 2 Quarts of the SAE 250wt Gear Oil from Restoration Supply for the transmission.  I do not think that it is going to take both of them, but, it is better to have them and not need them than the other way around.  I will also need some of this for the timing gear case.  I am also going to add I tablespoon of the #2 Flake Graphite  to the transmission oil.  A big THANK YOU to Mark Shaw for helping to determine the amount of oil that goes into the timing gear case.  He was able to advise me that I need to add 2 ounces of this oil to that case.  He also told me that if this car is driven quite regularly I will be adding the gear oil about every 400 to 500 miles.  I am going to try and get the shift tower back in place tomorrow.  I have a lot on my plate right now with my shop building and this car.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas




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