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New High Performance Chrysler Straight 8 Cylinder Heads - Anyone Interested?


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Hi Everyone, 


I have been working with the Mopar Montanna Vintage Speed team towards getting new high performance cylinder heads made to suit Chrysler/Dodge/DeSoto Straight 8 Engines. 


The plan is to create a head with a stock appearance but modern chambers underneath using all the research and testing from their salt flats racing and work with the Edgy heads for 6 cylinder Mopars. The heads will fit Chrysler Dodge and DeSoto Straight 8 Engines (details below). They would have all of the stock provisions for spark plug cover, throttle linkage, etc, and well as have provisions for both Airflow (side) and stock (top) mounted thermostat housings.


We are at the point where we need to get as many people on board for the project to go ahead. At this point pricing is looking like being between $2000 and $3000 depending how many people are interested.   Please contact me via PM or post below if you are interested. 


The head would fit the following-

Chrysler Dodge and DeSoto Straight 8 Engines with the following capacities; 1930 - 1950.

207.7CI - DeSoto CF
220.7CI - Dodge DC
240.3CI - Early Chrysler CD, Dodge DG
260.8CI - Late Chrysler CD
273.8CI - Royal 8, Airstream 
282.1CI - Dodge DO
298.6CI - Chrysler CP, Chrysler Airflow and Airstream 
323.5CI - Chrysler Airflow's, Airstreams, Imperials, New Yorkers , Crown Imperial, Windsor, Town and Country, and Saratogas to 1950




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Those are Stromberg AAV-1, OEM for ca 1940 Chrysler L8. An issue is that there seems to be no experience in putting two of these on an engine, also they are 4 bolt while the intake is set up for 97s and 3 bolt. I intend to to get the engine running this winter and might well start out with a pair of 97s. Or what about a homemade intake with six of them (as seen in 2017)?

CT-S motor 323 cui 6x forgassar 1704 Knut Rockabilly Las Vegas.JPG

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Just FYI the Airflow Club of America has the molds for Straight 8s - 298.6 and 323.5 cu. in and are actively taking orders. If you contact John Librenjak through the ACA perhaps there may be some synergies and you may not have to completely reinvent the wheel. Maybe just adjusting the existing molds' combustion chambers for your high performance ideas would work. ACA has a website and I think the heads are offered there. They have molds for 6 cyl.241.5 cu. in engines as well.

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