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series 50 torque specs

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This is what I use for my 1925.  You have to be careful using modern torque numbers as the old bolts are not as strong as the modern stuff.   Note that I have 3 different head bolt torque sequences.  Also note that connecting rod bolts have different torque values based on the series of Buick (different sized connecting rod bolts).    Hugh





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The 32 Specs manual says "It is important that the  cylindeer head bolts are not pulled down tighter than can be done with a 9" wrench using one hand on  the wrench".  I personally  think it is mor e important to tighten the head in small increments.  I am not fond of their tighrning sequence.  

I prefer to start in the middle and work side to side out to the ends.  I tighen in 10 # increments up to 60 psi and then check again after a warming sequence on the engine.  The key is to not distort the cylinder head, but pull it down uniformly. If replacing the head bolts, I do not recommend grade 8 bolts.  They require more torque to stretch them.


I have found that many 32 cylinder heads have had the bottom of the hex bolts rounded off and also rounded cylinder head bolt hole edges.  I have counter bored the holes and installed a hardened washers flush with the cylinder head top surface,  along with new head bolts to prevent further damage to the cylinder heads .


Bob Engle



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