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WTB 1929 Durant Six-66 or 63 dash and instrument panel

Durant Six 66

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My Six-66 has the wrong dash and instrument panel. The car seems to have left the Canadian factory as a bit of a combination of D65 and Six-66 parts, on a 66 chassis with the four speed gearbox. 


The dash and instrument panel are D65 and they just don't quite fit so I'm looking for the correct items (see the photo  for what I'm needing).  A light switch would also be useful!



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The way the light switch looks it is similar to a 28 Chev.  If you can save the handle you might be able to get a new switch.  The 28 Chevs had two different switches.  One had handle mounting tabs set at a 45 degree angle, where as the other one I think the handle is mounted straight across but it could be up and down.  They are not interchangeable.  The Filling Station carries both.  

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