Locomobile 6 cylinder engine parts wanted

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I am looking for an incomplete Locomobile 6 cylinder engine, or crankcase, crank , oil pan or other misc. pieces.  If you have any left overs, drop me a note.


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I called the number that was listed and spoke to "Nelson".  He said I was the fourth person who had called him about the motor/chassis.  He said it was located in Van Nuys, CA.  He said it was in on property that was being cleared and it would take a crane to get it out of the location.  He said he didn't own the stuff he had gone there to purchase a Model A Ford roadster but wasn't able to purchase that.  He was looking around the property and found the Locomobile.  He said he didn't know older cars but was able to identify the motor because of the name cast into the heads.  He said is was still in a chassis and both the front and rear axles were there.  He didn't know of the price but would be trying to obtain serious offers so the "owner" can get the most for it.  He said he would send me a few mores pictures he had taken.  He said he would send me text photos.  Unfortunately, he said he would send them to me after I hung up.  I said send them by e-mail, but he said he couldn't.(???)  The next day it dawned on me since I had called him on my land line, I wouldn't be getting any test message that way.  I didn't write down his phone number to call him back on my cell phone, and by then his ad was gone.

As I said he mentioned I was the fourth to call him.  The first was of course Jay Leno!

I did notice from the one photo it was a 6 cylinder and was still in a frame.  I noticed it appeared to be left had drive so I'm thinking this would make it about 1916 or later.  Correct?

Anyway, I do hope someone had better luck in dealing with him.  I wasn't after another project, but I have had prior success in obtaining motors for early cars.  I have found the following motors and sent them on their was to complete early cars:  1908 Thomas-Detroit, 1918 Kissel, 1910 Oldsmobile Limited, 1914 Lozier, and a 1911 Pierce-Arrow Model 48.  I don't consider myself a flipper, but these helped my with funds for my cars/projects.

I would like to hear from anyone else who contacted Nelson and to learn if the motor/chassis has found a new home.


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