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Sonomatic radios


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Was the Sonomatic radio available in the 1953 Special series? We had one when I was a very young child, and I remember the B-U-I-C-K pushbuttons on the radio but not if it was a Sonomatic. I am a songwriter and BCA member from years back (#8778) and am rejoining after a long absence. I'd like to use the following lines in a song I am writing about childhood featuring our old '53, and out of respect to the marque, I want it to be accurate:

"And down the road we'd go

Behind a straight eight and a Dynaflow

And a Sonomatic radio...."

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I drove a 1953 Buick Special with a Sonomatic radio in it. Factory installed it was and a great radio if you owned enough vibrator tubes. The winters in Manitoba killed two or three every year.

Happy hobbying

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