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3 window coupe WANTED


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The reason I haven't restored it is because I have to pick and choose my battles, last count I had 18 cars. I'd want 13k for it, bought all the new dash plastic. It turns over but didnt try to start it. My Lincoln is a 42k original car, needs nothing but love. Have a nice Fulton visor for the 41

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Not a 41,  but a New  Yorker in great shape!



1948 Chrysler New Yorker Business Coup

This is a survivor with a wonderful story.  A true time-capsule.
It was bought in September of '48 and was given to the author of the article (attached in the pictures) as a graduation gift.  He drove it until 1958 and then the car was just parked in a garage until 2012 and only taken out on occasion.  Stored virtually untouched for 54 years.
My dad, the 2nd owner, bought this car in 2012.  Since it was in storage for so many years my dad put great effort into putting it into perfect running condition.  He would not hesitate to drive it anywhere:
$1550 worth of new tires
new fuel pump
new water pump
degreased transmission
new timing chain
rebuilt carborator
hubcaps and trimmings polished
new motor water-tube (nothing done to the pistons or valves)
radiator flush
replaced heater valves
re-done brakes
new generator
It'll be harder to find a better origional that this.
Car is located in Sheridan, WY





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19 hours ago, auburnseeker said:

That's probably one of the best original examples you are going to find if that's what you are looking for.   That potmetal chrome for the most part is very nice in and out. 


Why couldn't all old cars for sale look like this one?   It just exudes honest.

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Here is probably the nicest 41 you will ever find.  Price is also about as high as you will find.








This is without question the finest example of a '41 Chrysler Windsor 3 Window Coupe[called a Business Coupe] that you will ever see.

There are very few of these cars left in original condition because they were all 'hot-rodded' because of the sweeping lines of the rear end of this body style. Five window Coupes just don't quite have it. You can fit about 8 adults in the trunk.

Vehicle specifics:

Freshly painted in a factory original 1941 Chrysler Porcelain Green. Model: C28W

This car was just finished and has less than 100 miles on it. It is as near flawless as you can get. But that's easy when you start with a car as original and completely rust-free as this one.

Upholstery is NOS, just completed. Material was still on the roll when I purchased it.

Standard Oil Test Car. This car was cherished by its previous owner because he bought it from a dealership in Green Bay after the car participated in a study that Standard Oil was conducting before they launched a new campaign for an oil they were introducing. Because the car was ‘special', the owner refused to drive it in the rain.


Chassis: Factory bare metal, rust-free. Undercarriage is like a time capsule/untouched without a drop of grease, oil or dirt anywhere.

Previous body damage/accidents: None

Steering wheel: NOS

Windshield glass and gasket: New

Domed rear window: Original

Door windows: Original

Dashboard and door panel trim: Bakelite – Perfect

Headliner: Original

Carpet: New with factory original driver's side heel pad.

Tires and tubes: New. 6 rib whitewalls

Hub caps: NOS

Gas tank: New

Muffler: NOS

Rear fender rubber stone shields: New

Front suspension/bushings – New

Brakes: New

Original NOS Accessories/Add-on's: Red dash board trouble light, stainless steel vented wind deflectors, battery cut-off switch, and factory goose neck twin side view mirrors[$1000/set].

This car was just completed and has never been shown! In fact, very few people even know I own it.

Transmission: First year of FLUID DRIVE[classified as semi-automatic]. Once you're in four gear as you approach a stop sign, it automatically shifts back to third gear and you start again in third gear from a dead stop; and the car never stalls. Amazing! It shifts like butter and easily achieves highway speeds.

Motor: Chrysler Straight Inline Six, called a ‘SPITFIRE'. Referred to by motoring authorities as “Bullet Proof”. 242 cubic inches, 108 hp.

Starts on the first push of the button, without a choke, no matter how long it's been sitting. No electric fuel pump; still uses it original mechanical engine-mounted pump.

Two last things of note:

1. The number stamped on the Standard Oil badge is the same number as the VIN stamped inside the passenger door.
2. Sometimes I purchase cars for odd reasons. In this case, it was because the red wheels still retained their factory paint and hand painted triple gold metallic stripes. In 1941, Chrysler painted all of their cars with these pinstriped red wheels, regardless of the color of the car. To have four wheels that old without so much as a scratch or chip, and the pinstripes still so visible proved to me how original and preserved this car actually was. When I got the car, the factory overspray was still on the inner fenders and rocker panels. The undercarriage is like it just came from the factory. I have owned 130 classic cars, and have never seen an undercarriage like this.

There are no disappointments here; and yes, this car is actually as nice as the photos indicate.


Tom Griffith/Madison, Wisconsin


Price: $59,500 obo

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I wouldn’t want to try to restore to that condition for 60 grand. Sometimes it’s not the money. Just think what an F150 costS today. The coupe  is a better investment.

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The only thing better than this would be the Imperial.   This is really cool.




Seller’s Description: - 1 of 1,921 produced in 1941
- 324 CI Spitfire inline 8-cylinder engine
- Downdraft carburetor
- Fluid Drive transmission
- Semi-floating rear axle
- Independent front coil springs
- Semi-elliptical rear leaf springs
- Hydraulic drum brakes
- California Black plates
- Finished in Dark Blue lacquer with Tan cloth interior
- Simulated woodgrain bakelite dash
- Dual wipers
- Bumper guards
- All weather heat and defrost
- Clock and pushbutton radio
- Painted steel wheels
- Bright trim rings and Chrysler-script hubcaps
- Firestone Blackwall tires
- Original spare behind the seat
- 14,000 believed-original miles


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Great car.......the fluid drive would make me want to convert it. 

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I need the Chrysler experts opinion on this Saratoga please.  I am interested in bidding on this car but am doubting if that interior is original.  They don't say it is, just say tan interior.  It looks like original pattern but the fabric I am doubting?  All the material I have seen in Chrysler of this era, excluding Highlander of course, seem to have faint stripes in it?  Any experts out there that would care to chime in?? They also don't call the paint original, I am pretty sure it's an old repaint if they say it's lacquer. Any info appreciated.


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