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curved dash olds body ?


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<img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/confused.gif" alt="" /> I needed & need two measurements from a real c/dash olds car

(1)how wide is the just the body; not tread width?

(2)how tall the body is from the bottom of seat to the frame or spring/spacer?

I am a new member to this forum but not the hobby. I sent an e-mail to a forum member that could answer these two questions, but as of this date I have not received a reply. If this was not proper protocal, I apologize. Benson

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Send me an e-mail at classic@surfnetinc.com or call me at 219-980-0430 and I will get you info. Have two CDO's sitting here but I am a little unclear about your needs depending on what chassis you have...04's on up are little larger cars. Oldscarnut (steve)

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