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Steering wheel and column

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I have cleaned it up a bit . On the underside there is a lock and at the bottom of the keyway is stamped a capital M. On the top of it is a PAT’D stamp by the lever. To the right of that is what appears to be a date 2-10-14 and below  that is -1o-23...these numbers are above and below where missing bolt would have been. I could not find any other identifiers other than where there appears to be a brass button (horn button?!). To the left anright of that are 2 levers and above the “horn” it is stamped on the left side is “closed” with an arrow pointing to the right.And on the right side is stamped “advance” with an arrow pointing to the left




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VintageBen and Mark Wetherbee thanks so much for the info.... I love rusty Gold. My wife and I are in the Architectural Salvage business and we came across this and I could not resist. I just looked at a YouTube in a restored  Chevrolet 1928 pick-up and that sure looks like it...so what was the purpose of the lock? And what do y’all think the value is?

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Yeah the lock works on the cut out on the column. Turn the key and a pin inserts into the column locking the steering. The little lever is the ignition cut out switch. 

As for value, that’s a difficult one as I’m a stingy bastard I would not part with much money for this part, maybe $50-$100 (Aussie) but then again I do already have half a dozen of these sitting on the shelf. Parts like this I usually prefer to swap other parts for, but that’s how I usually like to do business 

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