1906 lozier

1910 REO 2 cylinder

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Restored this car for myself but now have to let it go.

new radiator, water,gas tank

new crankcase, crankshaft, lifters, valves, and springs

new brake drum with two lips to hold brake band from slipping off to the side.

new copper high speed discs

new rear axle shaft gears in diff, changed the hyatt type bearings to sealed ball bearings

electric start

the brass needs restoring but very presentable,front wheel fellows are starting to split at rivet plates,will need new tires at some point.

thank you for looking

Harold Musolf III

48,500.00 obo

email  brassman at nwlink dot com

phone  two oh six six oh one nine two two nine Seattle Washington

2018-10-29 10.08.09.jpg

2018-10-29 10.08.21.jpg

2018-10-29 10.08.32.jpg

2018-10-29 10.12.31.jpg

2018-10-29 10.09.17.jpg

2018-10-29 10.09.25.jpg

2018-10-29 10.15.13.jpg

2018-10-29 10.16.52.jpg

2018-10-29 10.17.08.jpg

2018-10-29 10.08.26.jpg

2018-10-29 10.12.22.jpg

2018-10-29 10.09.32.jpg

2018-10-29 10.09.38.jpg

2018-10-29 10.17.52.jpg

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