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Hunting season

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One of my hunting buddies sent a bunch of old photos, and we all like to look at photos.  Who can I.D, the years and models?  Last photo is one of my favorites, I'd love to have that Buick sign!  Is that a Buick in the last photo?


Bob Engle





NYC 1915_1024x747.jpg

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That second car has an Oregon license plate. I found out recently that historical license plate records for Oregon are available through Ancestry.com.  The original printed yearly volumes are at the Oregon State Library in Salem.

Some one could "run the plates" and find out make and model, and owner info for this car.  Cool!

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I finally ran the plate number 106851 for the car in the second photo in Bob Engle's set through Oregon motor vehicle registration records for 1911 to 1946. That photo is the one showing the Buick with the hunting prizes draped over the hood. I got a hit for the plate in the April 1923 list.  The plate was registered to a Lloyd E. Ogle of Lakeview for a 1923 Buick touring car with engine number 1003105. Lakeview is in south-central Oregon, near the California border.


Records show the owner, the make and type, and the engine number.  (See attached photo eight rows down--the plate numbers are on the left side.) Another tool to have at hand is a group of photos showing the annual plate changes for Oregon--color combinations and arrangements of numbers, etc.  For instance, I needed to confirm that the plate was for 1923.  (You can barely see the "3" in the photo.) By 1925, Oregon added hyphens in the middle of the numbers and made other changes to the plates.  These research strategies would work for motor vehicle registration records in other states.



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My 1925 Buick was found out in the sagebrush some where in the vicinity of Lakeview OR by a hunting party.  Not many good reasons to drive a car off road and out into sage desert except for hunting or joy riding, maybe a little of each.  The car was probably 10-15 years old at the time based on door threshold wear, not worth much at the time, so would have been a good vehicle to take on such an adventure.  Perhaps another hunter or cowboy found the car and salvaged the running gear and all the shiny parts in later years.


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