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Matt Harwood

1967 Pontiac Firebird Convertible 326HO/4-Speed *SOLD*

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*SOLD* Most of the time, old cars get worse the more you look at them. Flaws, broken things, pedigrees, they rarely stand up to really close scrutiny. But once in a while a car like this 1967 Pontiac Firebird convertible shows up and it just gets better and better the more you look. When it first arrived, I thought, "Yeah, nice convertible." Then I saw the HO stripes. OK, interesting. Then I saw it was a 4-speed. Nice! Then there's the factory A/C, the hood tach, the power windows, the tilt column, the center console, and power front disc brakes. Now we're talking! Then I checked the cowl tag and saw that it was a special-order color combination (code Y Maize Yellow doesn't appear on 1967 Pontiac color charts). Finally, I opened the box of paperwork and discovered it is fully documented, 100% matching-numbers, comes with receipts and manuals, and has had just two owners. It was owned by the original owner from 1967 until his death in 2006, and was subsequently treated to a cost-no-object restoration that made it likely better than new. This is one heck of a nice car any way you slice it.


Paint and bodywork were professionally restored and it carries 100% of its original sheetmetal--no patches, no replacement quarters, none of that. The PHS docs confirm that it was pretty much loaded up when it was ordered, but clever Pontiac fans will note that the code YM engine means 326 HO but with a PowerGlide, not a 4-speed. But wait! It's in the paperwork, a signed affidavit indicating that the car was mistakenly ordered with the PowerGlide and the original dealership, Meech Pontiac in Barberton, Ohio, installed the 4-speed to customer order before it was delivered. And yes, it is the car's original engine. The A/C has been upgraded with new hardware, but all the original components are included with the sale if you really want to go back. The original radio is also included, but it currently carries a different Pontiac AM/FM radio whose guts were upgraded with Bluetooth and iPod connections. But otherwise, it's more or less the way it should be. Everything inside is new, everything works including the clock and hood tach, and the power convertible top is brand new. It runs and drives superbly, and as a car that has never been wrecked or patched up, it's surprisingly tight with no squeaks and rattles--impressive for a vintage GM convertible, especially one with some muscle. The 326 is plenty punchy and handling is tidy with fresh springs, shocks, bushings, and front end components. Original Rally II wheels are fitted with modern redline radials, and I love the way they look.


All the spare parts, papers, and other goodies are included. I suspect I could get more for it than the $39,900 I'm asking, but I'd rather sell it to someone who will love it rather than wait for the right investor. It was obviously loved by George Voorhees, Jr. who kept it for nearly four decades, and it deserves to be loved some more. It's just an awesome little car. Thanks for looking!


001.thumb.JPG.e58adbb3fa88f081a753a95bf36d9948.JPG 010.thumb.JPG.ef8890174c2f65f097bf6d58866c133c.JPG 014.thumb.JPG.e7dd3f4af253cccb6ee999d9f0161131.JPG 029.thumb.JPG.bbceddeb11fa417f752ac857f496267e.JPG


049.thumb.JPG.75068e47da7b4fb92e598b5aa662f293.JPG 051.thumb.JPG.f79b73f202e28851e42ba452dbf7b690.JPG 060.thumb.JPG.eaa0531f8c6e9f151b578a0ee01ee932.JPG 071.thumb.JPG.815171d0b18e831f3b553e416e51af73.JPG


077.thumb.JPG.8c156318409156b8f6fcf2c97c31f9e8.JPG 079.thumb.JPG.b3beb9f17457974680833f48bd9d070f.JPG 082.thumb.jpg.52afa1e7c9400e0acbee6c6750a73ca9.jpg 093.thumb.jpg.3cc8b546fed2d2338d29b55a519d47b9.jpg


100.thumb.jpg.05d03b44305ee46837099029a936e585.jpg 101.thumb.jpg.bb3f03d9cab052df704f3a75f6e4ddd5.jpg 

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