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Tires on a 24 WK-64 - 32 or 33?


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I am getting ready to order new tires for my 1924 Willys Knight, and I read through a couple of threads about tire sizes and types.  Before I plunk down a lot of money for something I can't use, I thought I would ask here.
Today I have 32x4 on the rims. I assume that they are OK, since they look like they have been there for a long time. The spare looks to be from the 1950s - no tread and really hard so maybe older - and it is also 32x4 according to the sidewall.
So by my calculations the rims must be 24 (32-4-4=24) so that would mean 32x4 (24+4+4=32) or 33x4.5 (24+4.5+4.5=33) or 34x5 (24+5+5=34). I realize that if I wanted the speedo to be somewhat accurate this would not be the approach, but I am sure that I am not planning on going quickly but I would be interested in the ride quality. I assume more tire will allow for better bumping..
I would love people's comments..

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As they are a pain to install plan to do the job only once - it helps tube longevity to talcum powder the tubes, flaps, and tire casing (Johnson's baby powder - scented works well enough as real tire talk is pretty hard to come by).  For tubes - just throw tube in a plastic bag and shake (same per each flap).

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