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Pulling that $#% %^& radiator on a 42 Continental!!


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Starting my long process of pulling engine for a complete rebuild, drained the fluids & finally figured out how to unbolt radiator. Now trying to pull radiator but I believe its impossible without destroying it by the fan blades. You can't tip it enough to pull out thru the factory notches by the fenders, I've already been hitting the radiator fins, hope I haven't already wrecked the core.

I'm thinking maybe I have what is called a "desert core" and is thicker than the standard radiator that would have came with the car, ( my car came out of the Mohave Desert CA) probably was replaced at some point.


One can't pull the fan while in the car, correct?. The only way I see it is that the engine will have to be lifted up enough to allow the radiator to clear. If this is correct what a POS design!!, one has to basically almost pull the engine to get radiator out!


I haven't gotten to far on this project today and am "dead in the water"  trying to do this without hardly any help, & was planning on doing just a little at a time, (bad back, 2 surgeries already) but today has about finished me on this car. Have owned since 91, and is a very nice car. Did think about selling it as is today though!!


Would appreciate any ideas on how to proceed, thank you!

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