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Restoration project 1928 Boyer Gramm Special fire truck

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After some cleaning, I decided to order a gasket kit from Olson’s. It came in late last week. The reason I decided to to replace the gaskets was I started seeing a lot of blue rtv. At some point someone has replaced the block and didn’t replace the gaskets. Also some were leaking. I stood the engine up one the bell housing to pull the pan so I could clean it and any oil that was left ended up on the floor. After pulling the pan, it was. The rear main seal that was the cause. To change it, I needed to pull the flywheel, and bell housing off to get the crank out so I could get the new seal and seal holder back into the grove. I was able to get the seal and holder in as well as the crank back in. The bearings all look good. I have the front cover and pan back on. I’ll be cleaning up the bell housing and flywheel tomorrow so I can get it right side up so the head can go back on. I have already painted the pan so once it gets uprighted, I won’t have to paint it. I have the intake and water pump painted as well. I’m hoping to have it all put back together and painted soon. The frame needs some attention before I can put it back in. Til next time. Mike

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I was able to get the engine right side up last night. Then I put the flywheel housing on. Cleaned up and and mounted the oil filter base. Tonight i had to help my neighbor with his campers water heater. Then hang a couple of lights in the garage. Then dinner and then I was able to get to work on the engine. I was able to get the head back on with the help from my daughter. She stuck around and learned how to use a torque wrench. She torqued the rocker arm shaft down for me. Then it was time to put it to bed till tomorrow. 


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After a week plus cleaning the engine and transmission, it got a coat of paint. Then I was able to get the manifolds and water pump back on. Yesterday I worked on getting the motor mounts back in. I also put the steering box in, it has to go in before the engine. I got the engine to marry back to the trans after about an hour. Started installing them back into the frame, but walked away after a couple hours with no success. I went out this morning and removed the trans. Loosened up the rear mount and it finally sat into the mounts. Then it was tighten up the mounts and reinstall the trans which went right in. Then it was back to cleaning up more parts and painting them. It’s slow going, but for the most part is quite relaxing after a long day at work. Turn the tunes on and pop the top on a beverage and relax 



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