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1928 Buick standard chassis Denver CO craigslist

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The quickest way to identify a Master from a Standard chassis is to look at the rear wheel hubs.

Standard has a pattern of 12 bolts, and Master has 6 acorn nuts.

If an engine were present, look for the location of coolant water return. Master has a manifold with 3 separate tubes exiting from top of the head,  and Standard has a single tube at the front of the head. 

Very few parts interchange between Master and Standard.  You don't want to end up with a garage full of heavy parts that won't fit your car.

Also any listing with "NOT MINE" means I am not the owner and have no interest in the sale of the parts.  Contact the owner using phone number provided or if the listing were newer you may have to follow the link to craigslist and contact the owner by e-mail.

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