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Knudsen Sixty-tell me more

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A friend recently acquired this item at a small flea market.  It's a brass desk piece apparently, and is a model of a car called a Knudsen Sixty.  I've done a little digging on the internet and it seems there was only one of these cars built and driven personally by Bill Knudsen.  Here is what I've found -  In its debut year, 3,703 Cadillac Sixty Specials were delivered, at a base cost of $2,090 each - it was a success in every measure. The new Sixty Special outsold every other Cadillac model in its first year accounting for 39% of all Cadillacs sold. In 1938, aside from the standard 4-door sedan, two prototype models were built on the Sixty Special body - two very dashing four-door convertibles (one owned by GM executive, Larry Fisher, which was demolished by Harley Earl in a traffic accident and one sent to Europe, which was later recalled and consumed by GM Engineering in structural tests in preparation for the 1940 "Torpedo" bodies), plus one Sixty-Special coupe (driven personally for two years by GM President, Bill Knudsen).

Was it really called a "Knudsen Sixty" and how rare is this little piece of memorabilia?


Knudeson Sixty.jpg

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I don't see anything in any of the antique car related books I have. It might be some sort of gift that the people that built the car for Bill Knudsen gave him. He might have had it cast himself and could be one of a kind. Wonder what happened to the real car?

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