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71 Headlamp Upgrade


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A couple of my headlights have stopped working and I was not that happy with the lack of brightness anyway.

Thinking of going to this Halogen upgrade kit which will pull 55w on low beam and 100w on high beam.


I know with the 1st Gen Rivs it's advisable to add a relay because the juice goes through the headlight switch and overheats it.

Just wondering if anyone know if the 71 would be the same deal or is there a relay somewhere already?


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congratulations to have seen the light...

I was extremely happy with my conversation in my ‘63 for which I also used Narva although another model (they might have changed). I also used 4 relays, all with a built in replaceable fuse but I might be a little bit over cautious.

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Hi Tony,

worthwhile conversion. You may want to consider upgrades to the earth wiring as well. I added relays on my ‘63 with good results but upgraded all wires from power source to relays to lights inc earth wires. I also did the overkill and added a relay for each high beam and each low beam (4 relays) as they were inexpensive and all fit neatly out of sight by the battery. 

BTW used Cibie as I wanted the rounded glass fronts. 


Rodney ?????

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