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'63 Riv horn choices?

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I have what appear to be 2 conch shells for my horn. Not overly loud and not very distinctive. Any horn choice info that can be shared? I assume Ebay would be the likely outlet for any choices?


Appreciate any input.

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There was an option for the "four note horns"  one small and one large trumpet that were attached to the bottom of the hood.  


Image result for Buick Riviera four note horn option

One of the vendors listed in the Riview would be your best bet for finding a set.  Jim Cannon has put together the wiring harness that you'd need.  



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Steve Lorenzen is showing this set on CL today.




Just so that you're aware, each year had different horns.


The info below is from Chip Little's tips on Buicks.  There's a link to the entire site on the RIviera Owner's Website. 

LOTS of really good tech info to be found there. 

It's the first link in "Other Interesting Links"



  Small horn Large horn
   length pitch stamp* length pitch stamp*
1963 14" Bb 948 24" C 949
1964 12" C 898 22" D 897
1965 N/A B 930** 22" D 897


* There are identifying numbers stamped into the flange of the trumpet base.  These numbers correspond with the last 3 digits of the GM part number (group 2.810, part number 1999xxx).

** The 1965 small horn was superceded with the same small horn that was used in 1964.




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