1956 Buick Century Restomod

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Next we started building the center console. Originally we thought about getting one from the junk yard but all of the newer vehicles have narrow trans tunnels so it just wouldn't have looked right. We started by cutting out what we wanted from cardboard and taping it together to get the shape we wanted.




Once we had a layout that we were happy with, we took it back apart and laid it out on 18 gauge steel. We cut it out with the plasma cutter. I just want to throw in a quick shout out here. My buddy works at Matco Tools so I am a pretty loyal Matco guy, however, we picked up this plasma cutter at Harbor Freight, hoping it would allow us to do a hand full of cuts 2 summers ago, and I've got to say, this thing has been amazing. I normally don't buy tools from there because they don't last, but this one has been a trooper. Anyways, after we cut out the sides, we took some 3/4" bar stock and measured out the pieces we needed to hold the top panels in. Then we drilled and tapped them for 10-32 screws. After those were done, we welded them to the sides.






The plan is to have it match up to the stock speaker grill / ashtray mount so I measured the distance between the ash trays and then figured out how far apart the sides need to be. I welded in a piece of stock and put it back in the car so I could drill the mounting holes to mount the console to the dash. Then I drilled and tapped the stock.




After that I welded in 3 pieces of stock across the bottoms to mount the console to the tunnel. Sorry, I forgot to take pics of that.


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I was waiting on steel for the tops of the console, and it was Sunday, so I decided to work on some of the electronics going into the center console. I used 1/4" mirrored plexi to mount the Arduino's and the relay boards. If you're interested in the actual Arduino code and blocks, I will post that part on one of the Arduino forums and put a link in here, when I get it done. I am doing that for 2 reasons. One, I don't think that many people, in this forum, will care about it, and two, It is much easier to post code on those forums because they are setup for it.

Here is the Arduino board. It has 8 UNO's on there that will run pretty much everything in the car except fuel injection and spark, which is run by the the Summit PCM (no point in reinventing the wheel).




Keep in mind, if you do this, and you want to keep your wiring neat and well soldered, that you will need to cut tunnels in the plexi to allow the wires to be soldered to the bottom side of the boards.


Next I made the relay board. It holds 32, 5V/10A relays that will run pretty much everything in the car, and 4, 5V/30A relays that will run the headlights and fog lights. ********If you do this, MAKE SURE you are using LED headlights and fog lights, AND that they do not draw more than 30A.********

Mine draw 23A at full bright, so I will be fusing these circuits at 25A to protect the relays.



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Hey guys, didn't want you to think I bailed on this. The holidays put me behind and now we had to side track the Buick for a few weeks to get some small shop jobs wrapped up. Should be back on it in a couple weeks.


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