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I have 2 each of the E 1/2  and L4 oil filter housings made for spin in filters.

These adapters look to be well engineered and manufactured.

I believe the L-4 fits some Pierce Arrows, and the E-1/2 fits Studebaker and others..

These came from the estate of the late Burr Ridley in New York. He was selling these for hundreds each.

The L4 uses a modified spin on filter and comes with 2 of them. The first filter is the E 1/2, the lower pictures are the L 4

I am selling them for $75 each plus shipping.

PM me if interested.365A8459-2E96-45A9-9784-1A50E20EDCF4.thumb.jpeg.3c7e308d8cc044d448a855bed157dc7a.jpeg









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All are sold (see edit history)

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I am getting lots of interest in these filter housings. I will respond in the order I’ve received enquirers on them.

I may have sold all the E1/2 housings, but that assumes everyone pays.

I will update what I have left here as soon as I have contacted everyone that wants one and payment has been received.

Thanks for your patience.



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Chuck got my filter today, just what I was looking for. Thank you.

John Kelso

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