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28 continental

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If you haven't already, you might try Garrad (Gerry/Jerry/Gerald) Moon at Montes Eqpmt,  NW of Chicago. obsolete Cont'l parts dealer---don't recall anyone mentioning whether or not they have manuals...

The 15H is listed in a 1930 gasket catalog and a 38 gasket catalog as truck incl fire truck/bus....the series, taking the same set of gaskets,  seems to be 14H-15H-16H-28H- P96 (the P96 is a free standing power unit version of one of them)...

garradmoon@montes@flash.net or montesequipment.com. If a specific manual was not issued for the 15H they may be able to advise which manual covers the "series"...( there're presently 400+ on EBay)...    With sympathy,  Bud

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Bud, I tried Monties and they don't have any manuals that cover my engine.  I really don't know how I found Faxon Auto Lir Sales, but they do have a manual that covers it. It's a 1930 manual. Unfortunately it's out of stock at this time. It should be available in January. I was surprised on how many items they have for sale. Mike

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