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To quote the article " Until the passage of the law as a part of a $305-billion highway funding bill ". How did that happen? Contact your elected representative and tell them not to do "bundles".


Throw enough shells on the table and you can do whatever you want with the pea.



My Dad passed away 40 years ago, but when I see stuff like that I know how embarrassed I would be if I told him I was involved in writing a bill like that.


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On 11/2/2018 at 5:52 PM, 1937hd45 said:

How does REPLICA CRAP effect us with REAL CARS? No different that the Late Model Cars taking over the hobby years ago. it was a Great Hobby while it lasted.


Replicars do not affect our hobby for the most part, until they become 35c, SGCV.


As far as the late model cars comment, that has always been the nose in the air hoity-toity attitude that kept me away from AACA for 30 years. GO ahead, keep the membership numbers down.  Discourage younger people who can afford cars 25 years old. I'm sure the home office loves these comments by members.?

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Yesterday I went to our Cadillac Chapter meeting and lunch. The first three of us arrived at the same time. One had a 1947, the second a 1978, and another a 2003. We all thought we drove an old car. We were all about 70 years old.


During lunch I mentioned that one of the first signs of impending death is the inability to relate to more recent generations.


I am with Frank. The reason I have enjoyed the hobby ALL my life is that I could tell whom I should stay away from just from their body language.


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