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Hi Trickydicky43richard,

Sorry you have not yet gotten any responses. However, I think good advice is available. Do a few searches on this site, and you will find more answers than you will ever need. The subject has been addressed lots of times, albeit probably not specifically for a 1939 Chrysler Royal. You will also probably get a number of different possibilities, as many car owners have personal preferences. When you get a chance, please post pictures of your car. 


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Have a look at the Chrysler fora below and use the search function. I asked for "1939 chrysler oil", all my search words. This is one answer:

I don't know what C2? a Royal is.... MoToR's Manual 1947 says the 1939 Chrysler C22 and C23 should have SAE 90 in Standard trans. and SAE 50 in the Over. trans. The C24 should have SAE 50 oil in it; presumably there was no Std trans. option for this model.


There is brass or bronze in those gearboxes I believe. So a GL4 oil would be good, but make sure the Copper Strip Corrosion Test result is 1a so the EP additives do not attack the copper-bearing metals. GL4 oil contains less EP additives than a GL5 oil. Some here would probably say use a gear oil without EP additives in that case.

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On 10/31/2018 at 8:20 PM, trickydicky43richard said:

What modern summer lubricants can you recommended for a 1939 Chrysler Royal Differential and gearbox w/- Overdrive, please


Thanking you in advance, R

The overdrive part is what makes this question a bit different. I run a 38 Chrysler o/d trans in my car. I too wonder what oil to use. I've been using standard  gear oil. I think it is 75-140. The o/d works fine in the summer but doesn't always want to release in the winter when it's colder out.  I expect this oil is too heavy.  Otherwise it shifts great and sounds great.


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