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1938 Zephyr Front Spring

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We are doing a refresh on a 1938 LZ that we restored some 8 years ago. In common with many others the front spring has dropped to the extent that the outer ends now point upwards. I have the spring off the car and when unladed the spring measures 41 inches from the centres of the shackle studs. The spring is part number 86H-5310A (13 leaves).The 1948 parts book tells us that this is replaced by 06H-5310C "spring front 13 leaves 2250lbs load 40 3/4inches free length measure from centreline of shackle stud" . As this is only 1/4 inch shorter that my problem spring I can't see that this will fix the problem. Does anybody have any mesurements for the sizes of the spring when off the car and its free lenght? I can have the spring re-tempered and raised but it will be all guesswork . Thank for any advice.     Colin

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Hello Colin,

                    Years ago I stripped out a '38 sedanand kept the springs and a whole load of other things. I have  the springs in my basement.

I just checked and the 14 leaf     C to C measures 40-1/4''  . This laying on the floor and all leaves still together. The other spring is 11 leaves(?) 

and it measures 40-5/8"  Cto C.  C to C  meaning center to center  of the studs. Hope this helps--- Larry


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Hello Larry,


Thanks for your message, you are always so very helpful. The measurments that you have supplied give a very good indication of the original length of the spring. As a starting point I will set it to 40 inches  and also get the opinion of the spring overhaul company. Incidentally, the 14 leaf spring was standard on convertible sedans and special equipment on all others.


Thank You,


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