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I've eagerly awaited more photos from the swap meet at Hershey but am starting to wonder if I'm the only one taking photos of STUFF!   I always snap lots of pics of treasure in the market - photos of goodies on the tables, piled up awaiting buyers, etc.  Sometimes I look at them after I get home and discover things I didn't notice and probably should have bought.  On well- maybe next year.  Anyway, here are a few pics to enjoy in hopes it reminds you of the fun you had hunting treasure (even in the rain) at the greatest show on earth.


FORUM 1.jpg

FORUM 2.jpg

FORUM 3.jpg

FORUM 4.jpg

FORUM 5.jpg

FORUM 6.jpg

FORUM 7.jpg

FORUM 8.jpg

FORUM 9.jpg

FORUM 10.jpg

FORUM 11.jpg

FORUM 12.jpg

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Terry, here's a few pictures I took in the Orange field. Mark, Eddie and I had 2 spots in the Orange field and we got rid of a lot of stuff. Mark found a beautiful model T Ford coil testeer in the Red field and he bought it. Eddie and I both have modelTs in addition to the Franklins.

Hershey 2018 003.JPG

Hershey 2018 007.JPG

Hershey 2018 008.JPG

Hershey 2018 011.JPG

Hershey 2018 012.JPG

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Ooh-you beat me to the coil tester!  I've been looking for a decent one.  This is the crank type with the Model T flywheel assembly right?  Post a photo!


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