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Ford V48 roadster steering box

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I have not restored a 1935 Ford, so I cannot speak from experience, but bad and incorrect parts are sold every day.


The 1935 passenger worm gear should be 2.89 inches long and have either a 15 or an 89 stamped on the gear, the sector gear is P/N 48-3575 and the parts catalog does not give any identifying information.


You can probably get better help on the Early Ford V-8 Club web forum. There are several people who have restored 1935 Fords that monitor that Forum.




The Forum is free to registered participants and it is dedicated to Fords built between the years 1932-1953.

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I'm also restoring a 35 Phaeton that needs the worm and sectors replacing but my car is right hand drive.

 My research shows that the 1935 steering has a 15 to 1 ratio, and the 1936 is a 17 to 1 ratio. I wonder if you have been supplied a mix of parts for the 2 different ratios, or perhaps one part is RHD and the other is for LHD as the parts are not interchangeable.

 My quest for RHD parts continues.

Best regards



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