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1956 Special 2-dr. hdtp for sale in Texas, restored car


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For the past two-1/2 years I have been restoring a 1956 Special 2-dr. hardtop. It is now time to sell and move on to the next restoration. This car was originally from Austin, Texas. I have over 100 repair receipts from the past 25 years for this car, including a complete engine overhaul 40,000 miles ago and a Dynaflow overhaul 15,000 miles ago. The 322 engine and the transmission work perfectly. I have done the following: New QUALITY two-tone blue & white paint in original colors; new cloth and vinyl upholstery from SMS installed, NOS interior door panel, recovered interior quarter panels with correct vinyl, new carpet, new kick panels, replated all chrome inside and out--bumpers, dashboard, horn ring, hood ornament, taillight housings, upper grille bar, door handles, trunk ornament, bumper guards; cleaned and detailed the engine and the trunk, new trunk mat, new hood insulation pad, new wide whitewall tires, rebuilt carburetor, new fuel pump, new hoses, new water pump, new battery, overhauled the original AM radio, cleaned the radiator, rebuilt the starter, exhaust repairs, new hood hinge, new window channel & some weatherstrip replaced, new rear package shelf, complete valve job due to sticky valves from previous owner letting the car sit, new floorpan for same reason, new wheelcover plastic centers, etc. All gauges work; great oil pressure, car does not use nor leak oil. No power assists--only options are the radio, Dynaflow transmission, tinted glass, full wheelcovers, heater/defroster. NEGATIVE ITEMS: The front seat cushion end pieces (plastic) are in bad shape, and I've not found any replacements. The original headliner may need to be re-hung soon, but is still okay now. At the moment, the turn signals are not working--probably needs new turn signal switch in steering column. Small hairline crack in driver's vent window glass.

This is a beautiful restoration done properly by an experienced BCA judge. Shop manual included. The car is driveable anywhere. My price is $8250 FIRM, and I am not making ANY $$$ at that price, just recovering my expenses for my next project. Look at your values guides for a #2 condition 46-R Buick Special for 1956! Can e-mail photos to seriously interested persons, but not to curiosity seekers. Car is in my garage in Sherman, Texas, 65 miles north of Dallas. I also have a 1954 Century 2-dr. hardtop for sale, $7500, haven't gone quite as far on its restoration as I did the '56 Special.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338



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